The first projection event was held on the weekend of Friday 18th- Sunday 21st January 2013 at the iconic music venue the Roundhouse in Camden. The performances were shown just before and after the Fuerzabruta shows at 7pm and 10pm.
The aim of our first projection event was to publicise Concrete Songsheet and to give a very talented busker, Mr Nick Edward Harris, the chance to have a very different audience! By being projected against the wall of the Roundhouse, it gave the impression of bringing the sound of the streets inside and under cover.
The projection consisted of a performance of two songs and an interview by the brilliant busker Nick Edward Harris. Did you see the projection event? Let us know what you thought!
A big thank you goes to The Roundhouse and IdeasTap, who funded Jaye Harrisons’ idea of creating a ‘virtual busker’. 
Artemis Evlogimenou made it all happen projection wise with the fabulous help of Ben Foot of SDNA.

Copyright Concrete Songsheet 2013